We are a financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and business consulting services.  Through our guided strategies we hope to help thousands of families and businesses to strengthen their financial portfolio.

How long does the  credit restoration process  take?


Every has their own unique story. Typical clients see results in the first 45 days but their is never a ganrentee . Put the process depends on the negative items you have on your report . The  average consumer can have their credit repaired in 6 months. However this can be prolonged by  responses  of all the creditors and  collection agencies  within a timely manner. 



When I request my report is it counted as an inquiry?




Why should I trust your company?


First we don’t only work to remove negative inaccurate information , we also educate and  guide you in increasing your score. I have also spent a lot of time and ,money educating myself on the laws and rights of the consumer. Also I’m registered in my state , insured and bonded so we are not some here today gone tomorrow company we are here to be a house hold name 


Will your program help me qualify for a home loan?


Yes , and  I work with some of the best loan officers  in the business. So by removing the negative inaccurate info and increasing your score by try the time you leave my program home ownership should be your next step.  


How long will I have to stay in your program ?


6 months at least.     


Can I sign up now?


You can sign up now but no work or contracts will be released until a paid consultation is completed with your 3 credit reports you can obtain from annualcreditreport.com