Our staff is like the non-judgmental family members you can call to get great advice, guidance and where you can place your burdens down.  We want to help you achieve your goals.  We will take your credit success seriously - and we will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our company has access to a full range of credit restoration options that typically 

ensures our clients see positive results with 30-45 days.  It is our goal to get every

client to the finish line with a high credit score - in addition, we seek to teach our

clients how to maintain their positive results.

Our Process

We will dispute on your behalf erroneous & unverifiable items on your credit report.

Late payments, charge-offs, medical bills, collections, inquiries & more.

Our Membership

A membership whether you are on individual or a business consists of a free

consultation, an evaluation/assessment of credit, personalized strategy, credit

education & access to a Credit Specialist.

We specialize in address:

late payments                            foreclosures

collection accounts                   bankruptcies

charged off accounts                repossessions

state & federal tax liens             personal identity inaccuracies inquires

judgments                                 fraudulent trade lines

We ensured our services

were affordable so

anyone that opted for a 

second credit chance

could have one. It is our

goal to help educate our

clients on how to live

debt free lives.

Watkins Financial Solutions

The Co-Owners


We Need Your Credit Reports

You will be required to provide us with

your credit reports from all three credit

bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and


Analysis & Identification

We provide you with a  deep credit

analysis of your credit report spotting

all inaccurate information.  We then

look at the various factors that are

pulling your credit score down and

provide you with the actionable steps to

get your score back up.



Dispute & Follow-Up

We send out dispute letters to all

bureaus and wait 30 to 40 days for

updates.  You can track your credit repair progress using our online portal.

Restoration & Education

While restoring your credit, you will

be educated on how to raise your

credit score, debt settlement, and

rebuilding your credit.  We introduce

education to you in the form of

emails, text messages and videos.


Our Package

We offer credit consultations - schedule your apppointment today. Or - start call 800.258.3076

Flat Fee

$150 to start | $199 monthly